Driving innovation and efficiency during COVID-19 and beyond

Ingenuity and adaptability defined how most healthcare practices operated—and continue to operate—during the COVID-19 pandemic. Staring at vacant waiting rooms, physicians, administrators and their staffs enlisted alternative measures to maintain critical connections with those they serve.

That meant seeing patients virtually, finding inventive ways to meet patients at a safe distance—such as outside the office building—or devising other strategies to provide care.

With quality metrics and the financial model within value-based care agreements driven by patient well-being, proactive approaches among those physicians in navigating unprecedented obstacles helped them treat general illness, manage chronic conditions, evaluate medication adherence and assess mental health.

Some physicians and their staffs helped their patients obtain food and medication. Some made calls to patients to warn of COVID-related scams to help protect their financial health along with their physical health.

A year of challenge became a prescription for change—now and into the future. The video features a trio of practices that connected with patients in non-traditional fashion and, at the same time, ushered in new ways of doing business they anticipate will lead to more effective and efficient care.