Turning data into a clear picture

A single patient can generate a multitude of data—readings related to chronic conditions, gaps in care, time between visits and various social factors that impact their well-being.

And for a practice that manages dozens or hundreds of patients, the challenge is not only to quickly assess all available data but also use it to develop a strategy focused on improving patient outcomes.

Physicians are in the difficult position of needing to not only react to change, as evidenced during the pandemic, but also anticipating it. That means tapping into information they can view and, most importantly, understand.

One important way Humana supports practices in their transition to value-based care—and helps them improve quality and patient outcomes is through the creation and ongoing evolution of Population Insights Compass. A population health management platform, Population Insights Compass eases friction in care by steering healthcare teams around data silos, providing reliable insight into value-based care.

The tool allows physicians and their care teams to have a better understanding of their patients’ well-being by giving them access to patient information relative to activity taking place outside of their practice— information they may not be aware of, such as medical and pharmacy claims.

Easy to navigate and featuring multiple reporting options, Population Insights Compass can help physicians pinpoint what actions they can take to address unmet patient needs and improve outcomes.

The video link to the right spotlights the tool and the role Population Insights Compass can play in producing customizable, focused reports that assist practitioners in their decision-making.