Initiatives aim to enhance patient experience

Providing care when and how a patient needs it most, especially in unprecedented times such as a pandemic, is crucial to one’s health and well-being. Recent investments in value-based programs and technology by Humana are designed to support physicians in providing personalized attention and help improve members’ healthcare experience.

Humana Care Support

Creating a personalized experience aimed at addressing members’ unique needs is the goal of Humana Care Support —a technology-enabled chronic care management platform.

By leveraging data analytics and existing value-based agreements, the platform provides Humana MA members living with congestive heart failure and diabetes, along with other chronic conditions, access to nurses, pharmacists, social workers and behavioral health specialists.

In addition to serving the clinical needs of members, Humana Care Support addresses the social determinants of health that might be present in a member’s home, such as food insecurity. And because 61% of older adults prefer to age in their own home,1 having access to a multidisciplinary clinical team provides members access to care at home instead of being transferred to a facility.

The platform is available to MA members in Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, with plans to expand to additional states through 2021.

Personalized healthcare through Author

Author by Humana is designed to meet the emerging expectations of digital-savvy seniors aging into Medicare.

The platform offers both members and healthcare providers direct access to a “navigator” to address their unique needs. Members can connect one-on-one with a care coordinator for non-clinical advice and benefit questions, while providers have access to assistance resolving prior authorizations and checking the status of claims.

Author has been launched in five South Carolina Humana MA plans, supporting about 13,500 members, with plans to scale into additional markets in the future.

Remote patient monitoring

Philips Lifeline medical alert service has partnered with Humana to provide telehealth kits to select MA members living with congestive heart failure (CHF). Kits include a weight scale, blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter. The wireless devices all synch to an interactive tablet, also provided in the kit, to allow members to monitor their daily health while sharing real-time data with care managers.

It is estimated that CHF accounts for more than $30 billion in direct medical costs annually.2 The goal of the program is to identify members most at risk for readmission within 30 days after a hospital discharge. Monitoring the health of high-risk members allows Humana to help physicians to make informed and proactive care decisions and provide interventions to help reduce unnecessary readmissions and keep members at home longer.