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Transportation for Families & Seniors

Access to transportation is important to maintaining a healthy routine—like being able to go to doctor’s appointments, accessing healthy foods, maintaining employment and staying connected to friends and family. The good news—there are numerous options for transportation resources and support. This flyer is available in both English and Spanish.  

Transportation Screening Guide for Physicians

A lack of transportation can impact healthcare access, leading to poorer management of chronic illness— and thus, poorer health outcomes. It can also exacerbate other social determinants of health, such as accessing healthy foods, engaging socially with others and maintaining employment. The good news—you and your care team can help. Use this guide to understand […]

2019 Transportation Issue Brief

Patients miss appointments and become non-adherent to treatment plans and medication due to the inability to get to appointments, tests and the pharmacy. Learn more about why addressing transportation barriers is an essential component to Humana’s Bold Goal population health strategy.